#7 REECE FOY(りーす ふぉい)


#7 QB REECE FOY(りーす ふぉい)

photo by CREATORS
出身大学 Amherst College 身長/体重 181/85 生年月日 1994/9/19
ニックネーム The Rev
アメフトを始めた理由 I started playing football because I loved to be active! I was 4 years old and my 7 year old brother was playing on a team that my dad was the head coach of, so at 4 I joined the team!
オフの過ごし方 I love exploring Japan, learning about the culture, spending time with God, hanging out with my wife, and building lego!
チームメイトの意外な一面 Yuuya used to play Offensive Line when he was younger! Yuuya actually loves dogs more than he does humans haha. I have known Yuuya and Kanawai since I was 5 years old! Kanawai is the all-time leading receiver in the state of Hawaii. Yuuya, Kanawai, Kaulana, and I all played against each other in high school. Yuuya is a two-time football state champion.
アメフト以外の好きなスポーツ Basketball, Baseball, MMA
いつか行ってみたい場所 Seychelles and Dubai!
東京ガスクリエイターズの特徴、良いところ Our team is comprised of great men. Everyone is kind and hard-working, and they have all welcomed me with open arms. Also, I guarantee you that our Head Coach is more fit than every other coach in the league!